Friday, January 21, 2011

Myles' 1st week in the NICU

January 12th 2011, I gave birth to a beautiful little boy. After 2 days of laying in a hospital bed being monitored, Myles' HB started to drop here and there. The doctor decided that getting him out ASAP was the best thing to do. After pulling him out, the doctor realized that the umbilical cord was wrapped around his body a few times. He was 3lbs 8ozs 15.5 inches long. He came into the world at 30 weeks screaming clear as day. He scored a 9/9 on his APGAR test and has done awesome since. He started his life on the CPAP but quickly learned how to pull that out. He moved on to the nasal cannula after just a few days. Finally at 5 days old, he had the cannula removed. He also started tube feeding. One his 3rd day of life, he was taking in 2ccs of breast milk. Now at a week old, he is up to 19ccs of breast milk. He is still on the bililight due to slight jaundice, but otherwise, he is doing great!
We had a small scare when he was 4 days old. I walked into the nursery and saw a yellow sign attatched to his incubator. After asking the nurse, we learned that his white blood cell count was low. That could be a sign of infection so we were told we couldn't hold him yet or even touch him. I'm glad they found out when they did because the nurse had told us earlier in the day that we could hold him. Now I'm glad that we were told as soon as we got there because I really don't want to risk exposing him to germs if he doesn't need to be. The following day, the white blood cell count was normal and the sign was off of the incubator!
Myles continues to get stronger and stronger with each passing day.

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