Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Holy Crap i'm pregnant!! July/August 2006

Now I know I've been writing alot of sad stuff lately so I figured it's time for one of my happy stories! Jakob... ahhhh... Jakob. This little boy is the love of my life. I can't even picture life before him!
July/August of 2006... We had just been through a few really hard years. 3 months prior we had lost our daughter. I needed to get away for a little while and so did Brett. We decided we were going to Cedar Point! I called my sister Jenny to see if she wanted to go to. Of course she said yes. lol After a really long drive we were at Cedar Point... We picked our campsite. It was... interesting to say the least. There were ducks everywhere! With the ducks came a layer of duck poop all over this campsite. It was pretty nasty but we decided to stick it out because there were no other campsites available anywhere. We unpack and decide to head over to Cedar Point. After many hours in 106 degree weather we were pretty exhausted. I started to feel sick and figured I was getting heat poisoning. We get back to our campsite and I am seriously sick and miserable! Jenny is hot and crabby and Brett is ready to kill us both... About 11:00pm after many hours of us whining, Brett throws everything in the car and says we're going home. I mean literally threw everything in the car! No packing. No putting the tent away nice and pretty. Nothing. Just threw it all in. Looking back it's funny. At the time, not so much. lol We head home... 2 hours later, I'm sick. Brett has to pull over and I'm getting sick all over the highway. Heat poisoning... After many many hours and too much puking we get home!!
Later that week, I decide I'm going to take a pregnancy test... sure enough I was pregnant! So Jakob has already ridden quite a few roller coasters! lol

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