Monday, June 22, 2009


My doctor left and I'm now seeing a whole new doctor for the last month of this pregnancy. This doctor sucks! We went in to meet her two weeks ago and she seemed great. The following Wednesday I had another appointment with her. At this appointment, she decides to tell me that she wants to do my c-section at 35 weeks. I was in shock! That is way too early! I have had both of my kids rushed to the NICU after birth and I really don't want to do that again. So I told her I would let her know the following day. Well, Thursday morning I had an u/s just to check on the baby. I requested it because I am really paranoid with my pregnancies now.
So, we have the ultrasound and they said everything looked great. Baby is growing fine, everything is great. Well, as I'm walking out, the doc says, "See you back in a few weeks to have a baby." I decided right then and there that they were not going to push me into an early birth. So, I told her that we would not be doing the c-section on July 8th. They then proceed to tell us that this baby is too small and not growing properly. Hmmm.... didn't they just say he was fine?!?
So, now I go back this weds. for another appointment with my new doc. I'm confused! Why would they say he was fine then in the same minute tell me he's too small? I guess we'll find out weds. But I can tell you right now, I will NOT be having my baby early for their convenience!

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