Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jakob Aiden

Compared to my first pregnancy, the second one was easy as pie. All of the appointments were normal, everything was going great! We decided when I was 28 weeks that we were moving. We had found a nice 2 bedroom house that was way bigger than the one we were in. When I was 32 weeks, we finally got the keys and were able to move in. We started with the smaller stuff... dishes, t.v., clothes, stuff like that. Finally at about midnight we decide we are done for the night. We get home and we're both exhausted and pass out within minutes. I woke up at about 1:30am with wet pants. hmmm... There is no way I just peed my pants! lol So I change and go back to bed. At about 2:00 I wake up again. Same thing... Well this time I go to the bathroom and guess what... it happens while I'm getting new undies and pants on. Ok... now I'm freaking out. I go to the bedroom and tell Brett to get up we need to go to the hospital. I run around throwing stuff in a bag since I never got the chance to pack one. We get in the car and drive to Saginaw. I am leaking the whole time. They get us in and test the fluid and sure enough, my water bag has ruptured. It didn't break completely so they put me in a room and start me on antibiotics. The doctor comes in and tells me that they are going to try to push me to 33 weeks. That's a whole week away! So I'm stuck for a week. They started me on steroid shots to help Jakob's lungs develop so when he does come he'll have a better chance of breathing on his own. Finally I hit 33 weeks! They start me on Pitocin and wait for active labor to start. After 2 days of Pitocin, I am not progressing at all. My doctor comes in and asks me if we want to do a c-section.
I've been in the hospital for a week... ummmm yeah. CUT ME!! lol So within a matter of minutes I am on the surgery table and they are getting me ready. Brett is white as a ghost and looks like he's going to puke! I start to get a little worried because this time is taking alot longer than the first c-section. Jakob was stuck! He was lodged in my ribs and they were having a hard time getting him out. Finally after about an hour they got him! It took a few minutes then I heard him cry. Oh talk about relief! As soon as I heard that little cry I felt so much better! I was able to see him for about 2 minutes then he was taken up to the NICU... after 11 days of being in the NICU Jakob was able to come home with us. He's now a very happy and healthy 2 year old little boy!!

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